DIYing isn’t inherently bad. It can be a great way to save money. However, the problem many people run into is that the more complex and difficult the project is, the more learning it involves. This is where things can get complicated and even dangerous. In particular, major home construction projects, such as reroofing and roof repair, require lots of knowledge and training and aren’t projects you should try on your own. If you’re a handy person and unsure whether you should take the self-made route, let’s look at a few reasons why you should hire a professional roofer instead of going DIY.

Roofing Is a Risky Job

Regardless of the height of a building, roofing is always a risky job. It’s physically demanding as well. There’s always a chance you could fall, and a fall can become deadly at about 6 feet. With the average height of a home being about 15 feet, tripping over equipment, getting the wrong footing, or falling through the roof can be fatal. You can invest in safety equipment, but this doesn’t guarantee you won’t injure yourself. If an accident occurs, it’ll only cost you more money in the long run.

DIY Doesn’t Always Save You Money

While saving on labor costs seems like a dream, you must consider a few things. First, you’ll have to get your own tools and supplies. If you don’t have the necessary tools, you’ll have to buy or rent them, which quickly adds up. You’ll also need to buy shingles.

While a professional roofer will only charge you for the shingles you need, you must purchase shingles by the bundle. Say you only need two or three shingles repaired—a bundle has around 15 to 30 shingles. Each bundle is about $30 to $60. You’ll have to pay the full price instead of getting them from a professional for only a few dollars in this scenario. Plus, everything hinges on you doing the job correctly the first time. If you don’t do the job right, damage your roof accidentally, or don’t take care of the root of the damage, you’ll waste time and money.

Professionals Get the Job Done Faster

As mentioned, lots of training, knowledge, and experience go into becoming a professional roofer. Replacing a roof takes an average of 5 to 10 days, depending on the extent of the damage and the materials needed. Keep in mind that this is their job, not a project they’re doing on the side. Even if you don’t have a full-time job, without a team and the right experience, replacing a roof can take months.

Roofing Companies Have Insurance

Say you do decide to garner your own team of handy workers like friends or family, and one of them gets seriously injured during the project. Unless your home insurance covers these kinds of incidents, this can quickly put you in quite the sticky situation. Reputable roofing companies have full insurance coverage to prevent any liability issues. Plus, if damages occur to the property during the process or afterward during inclement weather, your home insurance might not take your claim if you did the roof yourself.

Ultimately, you should hire a professional roofer instead of DIYing because it’s much easier to ensure your safety and a quality result. If you need a quality, insured, and experienced roofing company, contact Conde Roofing & Construction today. From roof leak repair to skylight installation and more, we have an array of services to take care of all of your roof repair needs.