The Importance of Fascia Boards For Your Home and Roof

Fascia boards aren’t the first thing people think of when the topic of roofing or roof repair comes up, but they are a crucial part of the equation to keeping your roof and home healthy and free from damage.

Fascias are the horizontal boards that sit just behind a home’s gutters, running the length of any side of the home. They are usually made from wood (sometimes covered in aluminum), though newer construction sometimes favors vinyl or other composite materials for these boards.

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Fascia Boards Help Protect You From The Elements

Fascia boards are more than just aesthetic or architectural. They also help protect your home from the elements. According to HGTV, these boards (combined with soffits, the material used on the underside of any overhang extending out from your exterior walls) help to keep water, wind, and pests out of your home and attic. At the same time, they provide an effective disguise for your attic’s ventilation.

So fascia boards are an aesthetic feature of your home, but they also serve structural purposes and help with home protection by keeping your roof and attic dry and pest-free.

When To Replace a Fascia Board

Nothing on or in your home lasts forever, and there will eventually come a point where some of the fascia boards on your home need to be replaced. Watch out for these warning signs.

When you see rot, mold, fungus or algae growing

IF you can see rot, mold, fungus or algae growing on or near your fascia board, it’s a sure sign of a leak or weak point. All four of those undesirable elements are signs that water is pooling, seeping, standing or otherwise existing where it shouldn’t. When you see these things around fascias, they need to be replaced.

Make sure to take action immediately to lessen the chances of needing a full roof replacement from the damage.

Damage from animals or trees

If you notice signs of damage from animals, like claw marks, chewed-up bits of wood, or insect holes, it’s time to replace that fascia board. Remember, the purpose of these boards is to keep the elements out of your roof, attic, and home interior. Once animals have compromised one or more boards, those boards can’t do their jobs effectively anymore.

Tree damage is usually much more obvious. If a tree falls on your roof during a storm, you’ll likely know. As you remove the tree or branch, look for any signs of impact damage. Look everywhere — on your asphalt roofing, fascia boards, siding — anywhere the tree is likely to hit.

Cracks, holes and bowing are present

If you find any other cracks, holes or bowing in your fascia boards, those also indicate that it’s time to replace the fascia boards. Even if you can’t find a cause for the damage (like pests, trees, or water), you need to take action right away so your roof and attic stay protected.

Conde Roofing & Fascia Board Inspections in NH & MA

If you’re concerned about issues with your fascia boards or anything else roofing-related, Conde Roofing is here to serve you. Sometimes damage isn’t as obvious as you might think. A professional inspection can tell you exactly what needs to happen next. We serve clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with quality roofing and fascia board inspections, as well as roof repair services, roof replacement, and more.

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