Adding skylights to your home is a great choice for aesthetic and superior lighting benefits. However, you’ll need to make some considerations beforehand for the best result. Use these tips to choose the best skylight placement for your home to ensure optimal light and ventilation in your space.

Consider the Area’s Climate

Climate is a crucial factor to keep in mind when installing your skylight. The strategic placement of skylights captures natural ventilation and sunlight on cooler days and alleviates your cooling costs when you live in an area that gets particularly hot during the summer. On the contrary, think about different placement options for sun exposure that provide warmth if you live in a cooler climate.

Consider the Room’s Purpose

Skylights enhance sunlight exposure in your living spaces, bringing warmth to your kitchen and better visibility in spaces like the attic. Choosing your skylight’s placement within a particular room may impact the mood and help create a serene or energized atmosphere. Consider the room’s purpose and how a skylight may add to it and improve its value within the home.

Examine the Roofing Orientation and Home Layout

Your roof and home are the canvas of this project, and the skylight is the splash of color that gives it more life. Understanding the roof’s orientation and the home’s layout ensures you know the best location for the skylight.

Consider installing the skylight on the west side of your home if you have an east-facing roof. Doing so will allow the skylight to receive maximum sunlight when you’re least likely to use it, providing warmth and light throughout the day rather than just in the morning when most homeowners are around. Also, consider your roof’s pitch, as it may also affect the amount of natural light coming in.

Consider the home’s layout and how much light you need in different areas. A long hallway that lacks natural light benefits from a skylight at the end, which may brighten the entire space. Or, consider installing a skylight on the upper level to bring natural light into your stairwell if you have a two-story home.

Hire a Reputable Professional

Installing skylights is a significant investment in your home, and selecting an experienced professional is crucial to ensure a proper job. A trusted contractor should consider the proper placement of skylights, especially when calculating the precise angle of the sun for optimal sunlight exposure and ventilation. Look for skylight installers to perform the installation and avoid inexperienced workers who only offer a general repair service.

Proper planning and consideration ensure a skylight installation that provides excellent natural light sources and adds to your home’s aesthetic. Skylights are a smart investment for your home; make an appointment with the installation professionals and let the sunlight shine in!