What you install on your roof is essential to create the best home for you. Skylights are an excellent addition, but people often confuse them with roof windows. Therefore, clarifying what makes each distinct can help choosing between them easier. Learn more about the difference between skylights and roof windows below and decide which is best for your home’s roof.

What Are Skylights?

A pane of glass set into your roof’s surface is a skylight. It lets light into your home and doesn’t open to allow air inside. These installations are typically flat and may become installed on a sloped or flat roof.

Skylights are great installations to improve energy efficiency and your view of the outside. Add skylights to renovated upstairs areas, such as an attic or a regular room.

Natural lighting from a skylight helps you implement the most sunlight as the sun travels across the sky. You and others within the home also have a chance to see the moon and stars at night with an unobstructed view of the sky.

What Are Window Roofs?

As the name implies, window roofs are installations into the roof that act as a window. These additions open outward and are typically on a slanted surface. Since roof windows open, you’ll have more opportunities to ventilate the home.

People on the second or third floor of a home may enjoy the fresh air from an elevated point, especially when there’s a breeze on the treetops. These installations do require significantly more maintenance since they have more parts to enable their ability to open and lock. This leads to higher costs and more time for construction.

Which Is Best for Your Roof?

Your home should have the best installations that make it feel comfortable and add benefits. For the best addition, add a skylight window installation to let the light in. Skylights are more cost-efficient and provide more opportunities to save money on electricity and heat.

Your home will feel warmer during the winter, and you’ll have more brightness during the summer since the days are longer. Skylights take significantly less maintenance than roof windows. You’ll only need to worry about keeping the glass clean and removing any debris that may catch on certain parts after a bad storm.

Making changes to your roof may sound challenging, but the process is easier when you know what to look for. Remember the differences between skylights and roof windows as you look for an addition to improve your roof, and consider the many benefits you’ll gain with installing glass for more natural light.