Skylights are great installations on a roof that let in light to brighten up a home. However, it’s important to consider how certain changes to the roof, such as a replacement, may affect the skylight and if you should replace it too. Read on to learn if you should replace your skylight with your roof and how to maintain your window to the sky.

How Roof Replacements Affect Skylights

A roof replacement impacts skylights since they are part of the rooftop. Replacements involve tearing off layers of the roof and installing a new roofing system. The glass and frame of the skylight are built into these layers, and working around the structure requires significant time and detail to avoid damaging it.

After a roof replacement, a skylight may leak and warp around the frame due to the new shingles. The skylight could sustain damage during a roof replacement, resulting in repairs and additional costs.

Easier Processes When Replacing Both

It’s best to bundle your replacements to avoid paying extra expenses and dealing with repairs. You should replace your skylight when replacing the roof. Working around the skylight to replace the roof takes more effort than replacing everything.

Updating your skylight with the roof just makes sense; contractors can ensure the final product looks great. You’ll also have the chance to find a new skylight design that matches the new roofing system and lets in natural light.

When Should I Avoid Replacing the Skylight With the Roof?

Replacing both the roof and the skylight is easy, but you can keep your current skylight on a few occasions. If your house was built with a skylight, it should have the structural integrity to survive a roof replacement.

Static skylights have a better chance of remaining sealed since they don’t open, and there’s less chance of leakage after a roof replacement. High-quality skylights with sturdy materials and excellent construction may provide a better outcome with your roof replacement. Look into local roofing companies for great options and professional teams who provide insight into the quality of your skylight and if you should replace it with the roof.

Your roof and skylight play a special role in ensuring your home is safe, comfortable, and appealing. Consider replacing both when the time comes for a new roof, and ensure the skylight looks amazing as sunlight streams in.