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When it comes to your roof, proper installation is the key to longevity and effectiveness. That’s why it’s essential to work with a professional roofing installation team—like the one we staff here at Conde Roofing. Our experts specialize in asphalt shingle roof installation, providing reliable and high-quality service to ensure your home is protected well into the future.

You may not have given it much thought, but your roof is one of the most important parts of any home. It’s the first line of defense against the elements, whether it’s rain, sleet, or snow. A roof installed properly will last for years, while one installed poorly might create significant problems very quickly.

Why should you choose Conde Roofing for your asphalt roofing installation? There are quite a few reasons to consider!

First, our team of professionals has years of experience in the industry. That means we know what it takes to install a roof safely and efficiently, and we know what a high-quality roof looks like. We want the same thing you do—for your family to be equipped with a roof that will protect you for years to come. We’re aware of industry trends and roofing techniques, so you’ll receive the best possible service.

In addition, we believe that good work begins with attention to detail. We’ll take the time to inspect your roof and come up with a custom installation plan that addresses your roof’s specific needs. Every part of the installation process is important, and we won’t neglect a single one! From proper ventilation to quality underlayment, you can count on us for top-tier roofing installation.

When you need roof installation services, you can’t go wrong with Conde Roofing. If you’re interested in learning more about any of our offerings, just reach out to us! We’re never more than a phone call away.

How Does the Roof Installation Process Work?

A new roof installation can be quite an investment. You want to make sure the job is done right, and that starts with understanding the process.

When it comes to a new roof installation, there is a complex process that needs to be followed for it to be done properly. The first step is to measure the roof and calculate the amount of material that will be needed. The roofing contractor will create a layout of the roof. Next, the old roof will be removed, and the decking will be inspected to make sure it’s in good condition. If needed, a new roof decking will be installed. Then, the roofing material is installed, and finally, the ridge vent and flashing are put in place.


What Are the Most Common Types of Roof Damage?

A variety of roof damage can occur, but some are more common than others. A few of the most common roof damages are:

Shingle Damage

Shingle Damage

One of the most common types of roof damage is shingle damage. Shingle damage on a roof can be caused by several weather-related factors like heavy snow, hail, or wind, as well as pests/critters, and falling objects like tree branches and/or improper roof care. When damaged shingles are left unrepaired, this often leads to roof leaks.

Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a major problem and can cause extensive damage to the interior of a home. A roof leak can occur for a handful of reasons, such as damaged roofing material or faulty roof flashing. If roof leaks are left untreated, this can cause water to enter your home through the roof, causing extensive damage to your ceilings, walls, and floors

Shingle and Tile Loss 2

Shingle and Tile Loss

Shingle and tile loss occurs when the shingles or tiles on your roof are blown away or damaged by wind, hail, or heavy rain. This issue is more likely if a roof is installed improperly, as a well-installed roof should be able to withstand most weather. If shingles or tiles are missing on your roof, you will need to replace them to prevent further damage to your home.

Curling and Buckling Shingles 1

Curling and Buckling Shingles

Curling and buckling shingles are often caused by exposure to heat and sun radiation, and often occurs in older roofs. If left untreated, curling and buckling shingles can lead to water infiltration and other serious problems.

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What Are the Most Common Roof Materials?

Various roofing materials are available, but the most common are asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and EPDM rubber roofs.

Asphalt shingles are made of asphalt, fiberglass, and mineral granules, and they are the most commonly used roofing material in the United States. Asphalt shingles are affordable, durable, long-lasting, easy to install, and come in various colors.

Metal roofs are a popular roofing material option because they are durable, long-lasting, and are made to endure extreme temperatures and winds. They are a good option for climates that experience severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Metals roofs are easy to clean and come in many colors.

EPDM rubber roofs are typically used for flat roofs where shingles don’t perform well. They do a great job in keeping out water. There are less seams in a rubber roof system than most other roofing materials, and they tend to last a very long time.

How To Choose the Best Roof to Install

When it is time to replace your roof, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is what type of roof to install. Here are three tips for choosing the best roof for your home:

Consider your climate.

Consider your climate.

If you live in a location that has a colder climate (like New Hampshire), you’ll need a roof that can endure heavy snowfall throughout the winter months.

Consider your budget.

Consider your budget.

Some roofs are more expensive than others. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on a new roof and stick to it.

Consider your homes architecture.

Consider your home’s architecture.

Not all roofs look good on all homes. Be sure to choose a roof that will complement the style of your home.

Once you have considered all these factors, you should be able to choose the best roof for your home.

How Much Does Roof Installation Usually Cost?

The cost of roof installation can vary depending on the size of the roof, the materials used, the complexity of the installation, and the contractor you hire. However, on average, homeowners can expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 for a new roof. The cost may be higher if your home has an exceptionally large or complex roof design.

Want to get an idea of how much your roof replacement might cost? Try out our roof cost calculator.

How To Choose the Best Roofing Company to Do Roof Installation NH

How To Choose the Best Roofing Company to Do Roof Installation NH

When choosing a roofing company to do roof installation, always do your research. Make sure they have experience installing the type of roof you want and that they are fully insured.

The best way to judge a roofing company is by looking at their quality of work and experience. Ask the roofing company for references and be sure to check out their past work. Ask friends and family for referrals or search online for reviews. A good company will have a long list of satisfied customers.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, Conde Roofing is here to help you choose the best roof for your New Hampshire home and install it correctly so that it lasts for years to come. With decades of experience delivering high-quality roofing services, we’re sure to exceed your expectations.

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Reach out to us today to get the help you need, from a roofing company you can trust.