When it’s time to replace your roof, you will likely have several key decisions to make to ensure the project fits your expectations, your budget, and your needs. For example, you’ll need to choose a type and color for your shingles, along with any other customizations you may want. You’ll also need to find a qualified roofing company to remove any existing layers of roofing and to install the new roof.

If your existing roof contains skylights, you’ll also want to consider whether to install new skylights when you replace your roof. While this will increase the overall cost of your installation, there are a few potential benefits to taking care of both projects at the same time.

Increase Energy Efficiency – Your existing skylights may not be as energy-efficient as their newer versions. Outdated skylights may cause excessive heat during the summer, or decreased heat during the winter, while newer skylight technology will often address these energy issues.

As a VELUX Skylight Certified Installer, we know that VELUX is always working to improve the design and energy efficiency of its skylights. Their skylights offer an exceptional balance of daylight and heat control to maximize energy efficiency for your home.

Prevent Future Leaks – While it may be tempting to hold off on replacing your skylights when you replace your roof to save money, it is possible for new leaks to appear if the old skylights are left in place. Roof replacement is an intense process, one which involves tearing off older shingles (sometimes multiple layers at once) that are nailed to the roof. This must be done before laying down new shingles to ensure the integrity of the new roof. There is always a possibility that existing skylights may be damaged.

Additionally, skylights and flashing kits tend to last about the same amount of time as a typical roof does. Even if a skylight is not leaking before the roof is replaced, new leaks often occur due to the jostling of the roof, which can cause a skylight’s glass or flashing that is at its end of life to fail. By replacing the skylight at the same time as the roof, you can ensure it is installed correctly and without susceptibility to future leaks.

Ensure Workmanship Warranty – At Conde Roofing, we stand by our work and offer customers our own workmanship warranty; however, this warranty does not apply to skylights that are not replaced when recommended. As a VELUX Skylight Certified Installer, we highly recommend updating your skylights to VELUX, as they are known for their longevity as a business and have proven to offer the best product and warranties in our expert opinions.

Save Money – If it is time to replace your roof and it has existing skylights, it’s likely they will also need to be replaced soon. You can save money by taking care of both projects at once, ensuring the new roof and skylights will last approximately the same amount of time.

Additionally, when replacing skylights, roofers will remove the shingles surrounding the skylight and re-flash and seal the window. By replacing your skylights at the same time as your roof, you can eliminate costs associated with redundancies for materials and labor.

Plus, installing new, energy-efficient VELUX Skylights may make you eligible for tax credits, creating an opportunity for even more savings.

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Go Solar, Save Big!

The Sun provides us with more energy in a single hour than the entire world uses in a year. So, why depend on energy from anywhere else? Go Solar with VELUX and see how you can save big, both on your home’s energy efficiency and in your pocket!

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Eligible for a Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Go Solar Initiative

When you Go Solar by purchasing VELUX solar-powered products for your home, you are eligible for a federal solar tax credit on the entire cost of your products and installation. Just ask for the Go Solar option with your skylight to save big!

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