Repair or replace your roof, what should you choose? Well, it depends. Are there pieces of shingle around your yard? Noticed brown spots on your ceiling? Do you hear buzzing or chattering noises inside your walls? Lastly, is there a bunch of lichen and moss on your roof?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to call Conde Roofing in NH for a free roof inspection. People often ask us what the solution to these problems are. There is no one size fits all solution to fixing your roof, many things come into play when getting a roof repair or replacement.

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What to Consider When Replacing or Repairing Your Roof

There are many things to consider when repairing your roof. A roof inspection by a roofing contractor will determine your best options. Here are some things to watch out for:

The Age of Your Roof

For asphalt shingles, the typical roof lifespan is about 20 years. Since Conde Roofing is a Certainteed Select Shingle Master we can offer lifetime asphalt shingles.

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Signs of an Old Roof:

  • Shingles are curling, scrunching, or buckling
  • Bald or blistering shingles
  • Shingles are missing
  • Roof is sagging
  • Moss and lichen are on your roof
  • Granules and rubbish in the gutter

When you’re looking to get a new roof, surely you will reach out to several companies. Make sure Conde Roofing in NH & MA is one of them. Often people come to us saying other roofing contractors they’ve spoken with claim their roof needs a full replacement. Conde Roofing understands having options that match your budget is important. Unless your roof is in critical shape, and we’ll be honest if it is, our first goal is to ensure your roofing needs are met.

The Amount of Time You’ll Be Living in Your Home

Not everyone lives in a forever home their first, or even second time that they buy a house. Plan to move out in 5 years? Can your roof last another 10? Then it wouldn’t make sense to repair your roof. However, if you have lived in your home for a decade without a roof inspection it’s time to get one. That’s especially if you moved in when the roof was somewhat new, and you don’t plan on moving anytime soon.

Your Roof Replacement Budget

Everyone has a different budget in mind for a roof repair or replacement. A whole roof replacement costs much more than a repair, but sometimes it’s necessary. Conde Roofing knows even repairs can sometimes come at a decent cost. So we offer home insurance claim assistance, that way you know you’re getting the fair amount from your provider.

Looking for a Roof Cost Calculator? Use Conde Roofing’s Estimator!

Does Your Roof Need a Repair or Replacement?

How can you determine if you need to repair or replace your roof? Though it takes a professional to determine what course you should take, here are some things you can look out for:

Signs Your Roof Might Only Need Repairing

Repairs lean more towards the “this spot needs fixing” spectrum. If your roof looks relatively okay in most areas, but one spot is looking rough, you might be able to get away with a repair.

  • Damage in a specific spot (from trees and other storm debris)
  • Moss and lichen heavily collect in one spot
  • Leakage leaving a brown spot on your ceiling
  • Shingles are broken off in an area
  • Air Gun Nailing Mistakes, Nails Pop Out
  • Poor Installation
  • Ventilation Issues

Signs Your Roof Certainly Needs Replacing

Replacing a roof is common, and though it costs more than a repair here are some scenarios in which it’s necessary.

  • Significant damage in several areas (large tree branch damage)
  • Moss and lichen cover more than 40% of your roof in medium thickness patches (causing rot)
  • Multiple brown spots are appearing on your ceiling (roof is leaking and ceiling drywall absorbs mucky rainwater – sign of rot)
  • Shingles have broken off, exposing the decking beneath
  • Nails are falling out into the yard by the dozens
  • Significant Ventilation Issues affecting monthly AC & Heating costs

Again, we at Conde Roofing will assist you in your home insurance claim so you know you’re getting the most from your provider. Signs like the above simply cannot be ignored any longer.

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