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Quality, integrity, and service are the cornerstones of Conde Roofing. We bring these traits to every project. We are proud to serve your area. Our aim is to be the best Rindge NH roofing company.

Contacting us is easy. We can be reached by phone, text or email. You can also reach us on our Facebook page via our extended profile.

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Roofing Services in Rindge, NH

Conde Roofing and Construction, LLC offers a wide variety of roofing services in Rindge NH. We also serve Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Some of the closest regions we serve are Merrimack, Bedford, Nashua, and Manchester. Of course, we also travel to surrounding towns.

When you need roof repair or replacement services, turn to us. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your roof sturdy and beautiful.

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Roof Repair

repair of damaged areas of the roof

conde roofing 3

Roof Replacement

replacement of shingles or entire roofs

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Skylight Installation

we can install your skylight so it won’t leak

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Insurance Assistance

we will work with your insurance company

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Roof Installation

new roofs for new structures

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Storm Damage Repair

from minor damage to extensive repairs

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Gutter Installation

gutters are essential for the long life of your roof and foundation

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Snow & Ice Removal

we’ll take snow and ice off your roof to reduce the risk of damage

The Conde Roofing Team

Meet the Conde Roofing team. Then, contact us today to get the help you need, from a roofing company you can trust.

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We care about the quality of your roof. Reach out to us today for a free roof estimate. We typically respond within an hour.

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    Conde Roofing in Rindge, NH

    Conde Roofing proudly serves many regions of New Hampshire, including Rindge and the surrounding areas. We can fix your roof, install skylights, take care of ice dams, and more.

    How We Install Asphalt Shingle Roofs

    When we are called to put on new shingles, the first step is to inspect the roof. We look for spots that have extra damage, and check the roof’s general condition. Then, we tell you what we found. Fixing damaged spots during a re-roof ensures that the new roof will last a long time. It also keeps costs down.

    Next, we work with you to decide on the correct warranty level. Prices and warranty length tend to rise together. If you intend to stay in your home for many years, it’s worth it to get the best warranty that fits your budget.

    You also get to choose the color of your new roofing Rindge NH. Each warranty level has its own set of choices. We’ll show you the sample book for the level you’ve chosen.

    With all of that done, we start work. First, we pull off all of the material above the roof deck. Then, we fix any rotted roof deck areas that we find.

    Once we have a good surface exposed, we begin to install the new roof covering. This is called a “roofing system” because it isn’t just shingles. It has layers of felt, insulation, and ice-protection layers. After these layers are on, the shingles are finally put on.

    Finally, we haul all of the debris away.

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    Frequently Asked Roof Questions

    How Long Does a Roof Last?

    how long will a roof last

    This depends on two main things: Materials quality and installation quality. For materials, the warranty length is a good indicator. Look for an experienced installer for that part of the equation.

    Conde Roofing is a Certainteed Select Shingle Master. This means that we are able to offer lifetime asphalt shingles. These exclusive warranties guarantee that the asphalt roof will have a lifespan like that of a metal roof.

    How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

    how much does a new roof cost

    The cost of a roof depends on a few factors. The materials you use, the size of your roof, and the condition of your roof all figure in. To get an inspection and quote, contact us here at Conde Roofing today.

    How To Fix a Leaking Roof?

    how to fix a leaking roof

    Even though shows like HGTV make it look easy, it is dangerous to fix your own roof. It is easy to fall from the slanted surface, and some parts may be weak enough to fall right through.

    Because of this, only properly trained and equipped professionals should fix your roof. These pros should be licensed and insured, too. Call us here at Conde Roofing to have an experienced crew come out.

    More Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

    Click to view our frequently asked questions page for more.

    Contact Conde Roofing

    To get a quote for your new roof, roof repair, skylight installation, or other work in or around Rindge, New Hampshire, just give us a call or text at 603-838-ROOF(7663). You can also contact us by email at, or through our extended profile on our Facebook page.