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A long-lasting roof is essential for keeping your home safe from the elements, energy costs low, and maintaining its property value. It’s crucial to team up with a dependable local roofing company to ensure the best outcome. Conde Roofing and Construction, LLC has been consistently reliable in repairing and replacing roofs across Hollis, ensuring excellence in every aspect.

“Our core values include providing quality roofing, integrity in our sales, and unmatched service efficiency. These values guide every project we tackle”, says Melvin Conde, owner of Conde Roofing, “we want nothing less than our clients being completely satisfied with our work and comfortable in their homes”. Whether it’s preserving the historic character of your home while improving energy efficiency or using high-quality materials to fix weather-related damage, Conde Roofing has you covered for all your roofing needs in Hollis, NH.

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Hollis, NH Roofing Services We Offer

Hollis boasts some of the country’s best neighborhoods, and protecting your investment should be a priority. Our expertise and professionalism guarantee excellent results for your roofing projects. Whether you need roof repair or replacement, we’re here to assist you.

Conde Roofing provides a wide range of roofing services not only in Hollis, NH but also throughout Southern New Hampshire. And if you’re in Northern Massachusetts, you’re in luck because we also cover certain areas there. Our services extend to nearby cities like Merrimack, Windham, Nashua, and Manchester, as well as other nearby places.

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Roof Repair

We understand the importance of preserving the charm of colonial homes. We’re committed to providing top-notch service and maintenance for your roof repair.

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Roof Replacement

Our experienced roofing team is dedicated to prolonging the life of your asphalt roof, we provide incredible service, guided insurance and financial help, and quick replacements.

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Skylight Installation

The aesthetic appeal of skylights is one that’s well sought after during roof repairs. While we’re already up there, consider adding this feature to your home!

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Insurance Assistance

Insurance claims are complex, and if your insurance company is giving you the cold shoulder, you can trust our experts at Conde Roofing to help you with your claim.

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Roof Installation

Having a roof properly installed protects against the elements, increases the longevity of your home, and enhances the building’s overall appearance.

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Storm Damage

From minor fixes like curled shingles to extensive repairs such as fallen tree damage, Conde Roofing is equipped to address all types of storm damage.

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Gutter Installation

Our gutter installation services guarantee efficient water drainage, protecting your home from potential mold, moss, and lichen growth (they sure love water!).

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Snow & Ice Removal

During the winter months, we’ll take care of removing snow and ice from your roof to safeguard it from moisture and weight damage.

Conde Roofing Team in Hollis, NH

Meet the Conde Roofing team. As a Velux Skylight certified installer and certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster, our company is fully insured, ensuring your peace of mind regarding any roofing project.

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With more than a decade of practical experience, we possess the expertise to take on any roofing challenge you encounter. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and we won’t deem our work finished until you’re completely satisfied with your roof’s outcome.

Contact us today for a complimentary roofing estimate, delivered by a trustworthy roofing company you can rely on. We make it a point to respond promptly, often within an hour, to assist you with your roofing needs.

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    BBB Torch Awards For Ethics 2023 Winner Award

    Award-Winning Roofing Contractor in Hollis, NH

    Conde Roofing proudly serves Hollis, NH with a variety of excellent services including roof repairs, skylight installations, and ice dam removal, among others.

    We’re honored to have been recognized by Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards in 2023 for Ethical Business Practices, and The Best of 603 Magazine as the top roofing company to collaborate with. We’re always delivering high-quality services to NH residents because we strive to be the top roofing company in this state.

    Count on Conde to give you unmatched roofing services!

    Hollis, NH Roofer Customer Testimonials

    “After having another company fail to complete my repair. Conde Roofing came to my rescue before the next storm. Very fair pricing. Thanks for the help.” – Michael L.

    “Runnells Landing Condo Association sent specifications to six vendors. Five of them responded with quotes. Our board of directors interviewed each of the five vendors and narrowed our selection down to two vendors. The board and committee decided on Conde Roofing for Mel’s extreme knowledge and professionalism. Conde Roofing’s communication skills with all residents, board, etc. is fabulous. Stephen has done an outstanding job. Adam is on-site every day monitoring the workers’ and has been extremely communicative with everyone. Our landscaping was well protected and the cleanup at the end of each day was superb. I would highly recommend Conde Roofing.” – Carol Dumont of Runnells Landing Condominiums

    “From Loni who gave a great presentation on the quote explaining every detail to Mel who kept us updated constantly to the finance team and then Nick and Adam and the amazing crew who completed the job In one day with perfect clean up after we couldn’t be happier. The roof looks amazing. Thanks to all of you. Kevin.” – Kevin and Lisa Caikauskas

    “We noticed a slight leak in one of our three skylights several years ago. “Slight” means it leaked once or twice a year. We’d go through torrential downpours and no leak and then a light rain and it would drip about an ounce. We called Conde and they came out. Mel got on the roof and came down pretty quickly. “I think I got it,” he said. He had repaired the glass seal. We asked for the bill and he told us to “forget about it,” adding “that won’t last forever but it will get you through a year or so, until you decide what you want to do with the rest of these old skylights. No pressure tactics. No doom and gloom. Just, it’s fixed for now but expect to replace these soon. The skylight didn’t leak at all for another 18 months. By that time, one of the other skylights started to leak. We called Conde. They gave us a good price and I was happy to see that they were authorized dealers of Velux. Today, they brought a team of folks who got all three skylights replaced in two hours. They showed up on time. They were clean, neat, and cleaned up after themselves. The skylights look great! The only thing we had to do was vacuum under the skylights and write a check. I couldn’t be happier.” – Jack Cleary

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    How Roof Repairs Happen After Storm Damage

    Step 1: Roof Inspection

    When we’re called for emergency roof repair, we start with a thorough assessment of the roof to evaluate the extent of the damage. This assessment includes inspecting for missing or damaged shingles, leaks, structural issues, and any other visible signs of damage. In the worst-case scenario, a tree could fall on your roof or cumulative weight from snow and ice can cause collapses. In these instances, it’s especially helpful to have the Conde Roofing team assist in managing the insurance claim.

    Step 2: Selecting the Right Warranty

    In situations where immediate action is required to prevent further damage, we’ll quickly apply temporary fixes and help guide you through standard processes in emergency roof repair. These could involve covering damaged areas with tarps to stop water from getting in or securing loose materials to reduce safety risks. Following the inspection, we’ll work together with you to decide on the best warranty level for your new roof, because you never know what can happen! See our warranty testimonial from Home Advisor below:

    “We highly recommend Conde Roofing. Very professional, well-priced, quality materials. They replaced our roof in November, we were very happy. Then a tree fell on our roof in January. They were right back out, covered the roof, worked with us and insurance, and completed the repair today. They repaired it with the same great quality so they can honor the warranty. They work quickly and clean up very well. We highly recommend them!”Dawn Morton

    Step 3: Make Your Choices, Then Installation Begins!

    When significant damage befalls your roof, it’s devastating, and certainly something you want fixed immediately. Conde Roofing works incredibly quickly to meet your needs. Even though it’s a stressful time, you can take a day to think of ways to take this misfortunate event and add some property value to your home, like adding a skylight.

    After finalizing all choices, we begin setting up the roof. Initially, we clear away all materials above the roof deck and fix any damaged parts as required. Once we have a sturdy base ready, we move on to installing the new roofing system, which includes layers like felt, insulation, and ice-protection layers, along with the shingles. Once finished, we clean up all debris, so you can instantly enjoy your new roof and the enhanced appearance of your home without any obstacles.

    Frequently Asked Roof Questions

    Do you offer roof financing?

    roof leaking nh

    Yes, we offer roof financing. We understand that roofing projects can happen suddenly, so we work with reputable financial partners to offer adaptable and trustworthy financing options, making the process straightforward and efficient from application to approval. We are committed to ensuring that you can get the roofing services you need without financial hurdles.

    How much does a roof cost?

    how long will a roof last

    The cost of a new roof in New Hampshire can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of your roof, the materials used, and the roofing contractor you choose. On average, however, homeowners in New Hampshire can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more for a standard asphalt shingle roof replacement.

    Is it a roof repair or a whole replacement?

    roof repair nh

    The extent of the damage, the age of your roof, and the underlying structural integrity are all factors in determining repair or replacement. In some cases, minor damage such as missing shingles or small leaks can be repaired without replacing the entire roof. However, if the damage is extensive, such as widespread leaks, significant shingle damage, or structural issues, a roof replacement may be necessary to ensure the long-term integrity and safety of your home.

    More Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

    Click to view our frequently asked questions page for more.

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