Leaking Roofs, Ice Dams, Ceiling Stains and More Questions Answered

Whether you’ve had a house for a couple of months or many years, there are always ways to learn more about caring for it. Our blog aims to achieve that, by providing you with knowledgeable information on common questions. Some of these questions are answered below.

A Leaking Roof, To Repair or Replace?

Our roofing experts are well versed in evaluating roofs and how long they have left in their lifecycle. We give an honest opinion on these projects, so if you can get away with a repair to buy yourself a couple more years, that’s what you’ll be told. We are not about pushy salesman, fear tactics, or bending the truth to convince you to buy something.

We believe in the relationship between our company and the community we serve and know that your ability to trust us to be honest and fair is paramount to our long-term success, as both a company and as human beings. When it is time for you to need roofing services we want to be the ones you remember and trust to serve you, your family, and everyone you tell about us. Our company is like the roofs we install; built to protect and last.

Dealing With Pesky Ice Dams Caused by New England Winters

Ice dams can be caused by a number of things. Most often we have seen them happen because of a lack of proper insulation or ventilation in the roofing area. Sometimes they can be caused by poor quality or missing materials on the roof (such as Ice and Water). Other times still Ice Dams are caused by the weather and there is no fault with the roof at all. To determine this, we recommend having a roofing expert come do an inspection to see what your cause of ice dams is, and what can be done to prevent them in the future.

Is My Ceiling Stain from an Active Leak?

This is a common issue, especially when in a room or closet that you don’t go into much, or when first getting a home.

How To Find Out If You Have an Active Roof Leak

  1. Take a pencil, and draw a circle around the stain.
  2. Check in on the stain, especially after a rain or snow storm, and see if it has grown outside the confines of the pencil mark.
  3. If it has, you have an active leak.
  4. If it has not, then it may be an old leak that has since been repaired, and can now be safely painted over.

Remember: by the time you see the signs of a leak, there is often damage being done where you can’t see too. The BEST option would be to schedule an appointment with an expert to inspect the roof and see if there are any obvious signs of leaks or opportunities for water penetration.

Roof Inspection Services in NH

Meet the Conde Roofing Team. If you notice leaf and pine needle build up, don’t wait for your roof to require expensive repairs, or put yourself in danger doing it yourself. Leave it to the professionals at Conde Roofing. Speak with an expert from Conde Roofing Services and Schedule a consult today. They can come out to inspect your home and help you determine the best course of action.

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