The pandemic has made a significant impact on the cost of homes.

First time homebuyers are competing not just by overbidding on a property, but also by completely waiving inspections, appraisals, and contingencies for sellers. Whether you’re buying or remodeling a home there are a variety of expenses to consider. Making sure you’re prepared to handle the cost of a new roof is certainly one of them.

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Why is Plywood So Expensive in 2021?

A widely circulated Facebook post that complained about the cost of plywood stated:

“Food for thought — 3/4” Plywood Standard:

  • March 2020: $37.98/sheet
  • February 2021: $72.49/sheet
  • March 2021: $83.49/sheet
  • April 2021: $95.98/sheet

That is a 252% price increase on one of the most used pieces of common lumber for construction.”

The reason why plywood costs have increased is the same reason as lumber. Mill capacities are at levels in which they are unable to meet the current increase of demand. Some of these cost problems stem from structural issues, but the COVID pandemic has made it difficult to fill employment and staffing roles. On top of this, the severe winter weather that struck Texas made an impact on the ability to keep Mills open. Since the mills weren’t open, they couldn’t produce resin for nearly a month throughout March. All these variables together make a perfect storm for exponentially increasing the cost of not just remodeling your home but fixing your roof, too. This is because Plywood is a key material needed to ensure the security, strength, and longevity of your roof.

Why is Roof Replacement so Expensive in 2021?

For similar reasons to plywood, roofing is raising in costs as well. Since the pandemic, people have needed to stay at home. Roofing is a hands-on job that requires picking up materials from manufacturers, workers being in designated warehouses, and constant phone or in person communication. Since 26.7% of the population will be working remotely through the end of 2021, and likely have been since the start in March 2020, many have saved a lot of money. Now these people are attempting to invest in large home projects. Most home projects require lumber, plywood and other materials to build. The demand among buyers for the lumber to create these projects is much greater than any company is able to supply them with, and employees aren’t returning to work to meet the supply with the buyer’s demand. So companies raise the prices to dissuade some buyers from purchasing lumber. This lack of workforce is not just present in manufacturing companies, but every day local housing contractors as well.

Why is Home Repair and Remodeling Expensive in 2021?

To reiterate, the supply is simply not meeting the demand. On top of this, increased tariff rates of up to 24% on softwood lumber from Canada have affected the price of lumber. This prevents contractors from getting cheaper lumber options from Canada, in which homeowners ultimately pay the price. Since homes require plywood and lumber to remodel, repair, or build various parts of your home, as of right now there’s no escape in sight for these high costs.

Will 2022 Be a Better Year for Housing?

It’s hard to say for certain, but some experts speculate there will be a small decrease or normalization. Others believe that houses will appreciate at a slower rate. One thing is for certain, even though costs are high, repairing your roof is a must if it’s necessary. If your roof is in bad shape this year, and you’re worried about its ability to survive the winter, call Conde Roofing for a detailed roof inspection. We will help you determine if your roof will last until Spring when prices hopefully normalize, or work on solutions with you to ensure the structure of your home will remain intact throughout winter. Even if that means doing a partial roof repair in the most needed spots to protect your home. We know times are tough, and Conde Roofing is here to help you.

The Benefits of Hiring Conde Roofing in Southern NH & Northern MA

Working with Mel Conde means serving the customer, always. He has over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry, is licensed and insured, and a Certainteed SELECT Shingle Master. Conde Roofing can provide you with a variety of benefits many other roofers cannot, such as:

  • Our relationships with suppliers allow us to get better rates for roofing materials
  • Those savings get passed onto the homeowner
  • Mel is an expert in assuring that the homeowner is being treated fairly by insurance

You can call or text Conde Roofing at 603-838-ROOF(7663) or send an email by visiting our contact page.

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