Something that people often overlook when maintaining their roof and home is the importance of cleaning their gutters. Clogged gutters left untreated can make your home quite gross.

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When gutters get clogged, water cannot properly drain away from your property. Instead water will spill over the sides causing issues like damage to the foundation, structural problems, mold, mildew, and other unpleasant natural events.

It’s important to check gutters frequently, as it can influence one of the most important aspects of your home, your roof. Additionally, cleaning gutters is essential to preserving your home. You can hire a professional, or if you have some ladder experience, you can get some garden gloves and scoop out the debris on your own.

Here are some signs you have clogged rain gutters.

1. Bird and Bugs by Your Roof

Are you noticing birds, small animals, mosquitoes, or other pests around your roof? This is a big sign that your gutters need draining. Additionally, the consistent moisture can affect your roof by helping moss and lichen grow around the edges. Moss and lichen are a big culprit for causing leaks in your roof. In this case, moss damage around the edges of your roof could lead to internal wall damage.

2. Water Spills out Over Side of Gutters

When it’s raining out especially, and you notice your water is draining over the sides of your gutters like a waterfall, it’s time to clean them immediately. This often causes basement damage for some people since the water pours out so closely to the home.

3. Sagging Gutters

If your gutters look bent out of shape, it’s because the weight of the leaves, sticks and other debris are affecting your gutters. If left untreated for too long, this can cause pulling at the base of your roof. All it takes are a few small tears to let pests like mosquitoes and hornets into your home. Trust us when we say they love your AC & heat as much as you do!

4. Siding Stains

Any signs of stains on your home’s siding can indicate there is a good amount of water sitting in your gutters. Rainwater can cause great damage to your roof, specifically to the fascia boards behind your gutters and to the asphalt shingles on your roof. Again, water leaves a perfectly moist environment for moss and lichen. The closer they are to water consistently; the faster moss and lichen can eat away at your roof.

5. Growing Plants

Also known as the gutter garden! Birds can carry seeds and the mixture of water and natural debris is a great environment for growing plants in your gutters. This is not good for the roof, because again, more plants mean a greater symbiosis between your gutter garden and the lichen and moss on your roof.

6. Massive Ice Dams in Winter

Clogged gutters will form unusually large ice dams during the winter. This is because the fluctuating temperatures allow the water to melt and quickly refreeze as it falls. A 6-10-inch icicle coming from your gutter is normal. If they’re getting to be 3-5 inches wide at the top and hanging 3 feet downward or more – that’s a huge problem.

7. Can’t Remember Last Gutter Cleaning

Has it been an uncountable number of years since you last cleaned your gutters? You should get your gutters checked. It’s important to get your gutter cleaned each year to avoid expensive water related damage.

Do You Have Roof Decay or Damage?

If clogged gutters have caused damage to your roof, it’s time to reach out to professionals. When the edges of your roof look mucky, chipped or drooping – that is a sign it could need some repairs.

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