People often ask Mel Conde, owner of highly rated Conde Roofing company in New Hampshire, several questions about what to do when you need an emergency roof repair.

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Preparing for Emergency Roof Repair

You can’t predict when significant damage will happen to your roof. Whether it’s from a fallen tree, a lightning strike or in the worst circumstances a house fire, Conde is here to help. When your roof gets damaged, it’s important to protect it from insect colonies and rain or snow. This is especially true in NH, where we have heavy summer and winter storms. A quick roof repair or protective cover must be installed to prevent further interior and structural damage. You must have a professional place an emergency tarp over the hole in the roof or damaged area immediately. Once installed, professionals can further inspect the damage to decide the best course of action.

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1. Is Water Leaking Through Your Roof?

Usually, roofs face significant damage due to severe weather events, animals, long-term neglect, and fires. Mother Nature is an incredibly strong opponent for roofing systems. Winds that exceed 50 mph have the force to tear shingles from the roof and expose the substrate. Tree branches often break during these storms and can easily break the roof structure. Lightning can strike and leave gaping holes in your roof. Raccoons and squirrels love to chew through rotted wood and create sizable holes in the roof for their own housing. Fire, of course, will destroy anything in its path.

2. Get a Tree Off Your Roof

When large branches or entire trees falls on your home it’s alarming. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is consulting with tree removal professionals. Tree removal professionals can remove troublesome branches or leaning trees from your yard. The last thing anyone needs is costly repair from a roof compromised from a tree. If the damage has already been done, call Conde Roofing so we can get a team out to you quickly. If the tree is still on your roof, we can assist in finding removal professionals and then place emergency tarp on your roof until structural and roof repairs begin.

3. Can You Perform Emergency Roof Repairs Mid-Storm?

If it’s in the middle of a storm, we will wait until the storm stops and then instantly send our team out to assist you. Safety for our workers is our top priority. There’s often nothing we can reasonably do when there’s high wind, heavy rain, and lightning during a storm. The best steps to take are if significant, structural damage has happened:

  1. Call Conde Roofing for immediate assistance and guidance at 603-838-ROOF (7663).
  2. Find a friend or family member to stay with or rent a hotel room for a couple of nights.
  3. Breathe, everything will be okay. We will help you get the most from your home insurance claim and take next steps.

If the roof damage is caused by a fire, we would mobilize and attempt to bring the structure back to a water-tight condition. Oftentimes, fires compromise the structural integrity of a roofing system and that makes it dangerous to access all areas of the roof. Again, safety of our crew and the homeowners is top priority.

4. What Should a Homeowner do About the Roof Damage?

First and foremost: Don’t panic. The damage to the roof is already done. Though tempting, don’t inspect the damage yourself. A trained professional, like Mel Conde, can assess if the structure of your home has been compromised. Contact your insurance provider and a professional roofing contractor to help. Conde Roofing offers home insurance claim assistance to ensure you’re getting the fair amount.

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Do not attempt to repair your roof on your own. There’s too much risk of being injured, and a homeowner will not accurately assess the actual damage. Roofs and ceilings can be repaired easily, broken bones cannot. Document your loss and damages, in writing and with photos, then send the information to Conde Roofing to get started.

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