Adding a skylight to your home can transform a dark, gloomy room into a bright, inviting space. However, some homeowners might hesitate to install skylights due to various misconceptions that have circulated about this beneficial home upgrade. Read on as we dispel common misconceptions about skylights and provide useful information to help you make an informed decision.

Misconception 1: Skylights Always Leak

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have regarding skylights is the potential for leaks. While it’s true that early skylight designs were more prone to leaks, modern skylights have expert engineering to prevent water intrusion. When experienced professionals install them, high-quality skylights incorporate several layers of protection, such as durable flashing and sealants, ensuring a watertight seal between your skylight and asphalt roofing.

Misconception 2: Skylights Reduce Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners believe that skylights decrease their home’s energy efficiency due to heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. However, contemporary skylights keep energy efficiency in mind. With low-emissivity glass coatings, insulating glazing, and proper placement on your roof, skylights contribute to a stable indoor temperature and reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling.

Misconception 3: Skylights Are Only for Flat Roofs

Although skylights look great on flat roofs, they work well for other roof types, including asphalt-shingled, pitched roofs. Depending on the angle of your roof and the size of the skylight you choose, professional installers may customize the installation to fit your specific roof type perfectly. Your skylight will look beautiful and function properly regardless of your roof style.

Misconception 4: Skylights Are Dangerous for Homes

This misconception often stems from the misguided notion that skylights compromise the structural integrity of a home or that they’re prone to shattering, posing a safety risk. Today’s skylights keep safety at the forefront of their design.

The glass in modern skylights is tempered, meaning it’s significantly stronger than regular glass and resistant to shattering. Additionally, skylight installations are typically in non-traffic roof areas, minimizing potential risks.

Misconception 5: Skylights Are High Maintenance

Homeowners might assume skylights require extensive maintenance to remain leak free and efficient, but this isn’t the case. Typically, skylights need little more than an occasional cleaning to maintain their crystal-clear appearance. Most modern skylights also have features to help prevent debris buildup and issues with condensation, making them relatively low-maintenance additions to your home.

With today’s advanced technologies, skylights can be practical, energy-efficient, and beautiful additions to your asphalt-shingled roof. Don’t let these common misconceptions about skylights deter you from considering this valuable upgrade to your home. If you’re interested in further exploring skylights’ benefits, feel free to contact our team for expert advice and assistance.