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    Why Choose Conde Roofing & Construction LLC?

    We’re a CertainTeed ShingleMaster company, a Velux Skylight certified installer and fully insured for your protection. With over two decades of experience under our tool belts, we’re prepared to tackle even your toughest roofing problem. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we know our job isn’t done until you’re happy with your roof.

    My roof is leaking, do I need to replace it or can it be repaired?

    This is a question to be answered best by an inspection. Our roofing experts are well versed in evaluating roofs and how long they have left in their lifecycle. We give an honest opinion on these things, so if you can get away with a repair to buy yourself a couple more years, that’s what you’ll be told. We are not about being a pushy salesman, using fear tactics, or bending the truth to convince you to buy something.

    How much does a new roof cost?

    This might be the most Frequently Asked Question of all, and it’s not one that can be answered in this FAQ post, over the phone, or through email. This is where our ability to serve you properly becomes so important, because there are many of things to consider when it comes to quoting a roof. What materials will be used, does the flashing around a chimney, wall, or skylight need to be repaired or replaced? Is there unseen damage? How is the ventilation of the roof itself? These are just a few of the questions that our experts know how to find the answers to when they are inspecting your roof to make sure that you’re getting an accurate quote.

    Do you offer financing?

    This depends on a lot of variables, including what your specific insurance provider covers, what the issues are with your roof, and many more criteria. Our roofing experts are well versed in working with insurance companies to serve you, and have a lot of experience and success in doing just that!

     Video Portfolio | How We Fix Roofs

    Why CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMasters Matter

    In order to achieve CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster credentials, a residential roofing contractor needs to go through a very precise program that lasts for up to two years. But CertainTeed only actually offers two levels of certification – “shingle master” and “select shingle master.” The former means that your roofing contractor can provide three and four star protection, while the latter offers three, four, and five star protection. That extra star means that you also get a CertainTeed underwritten 25-year workmanship warranty.

    To achieve this level of qualification, a roofing contractor needs to be able to show that they adhere to only the highest levels of roofing excellence standards. They must be able to display that they have a profound knowledge of shingle roofing. They need to pass CertainTeed’s extensive shingle installation knowledge examinations, and they have to show both liability and proof of workers’ compensation to CertainTeed.

    What you’re left with is a perfect storm in the best possible way. You don’t have to worry about overlooked flashing, loose shingles or even missing drip caps ever again. If something goes wrong, the roofer’s insurance guarantees you won’t have a lengthy battle just to make things right again. You also get a roofing partner who can handle even the most challenging of installations – which may in and of itself be the most important benefit of all.

    best-of-603-roofing-companyBest of The 603 Awards

    This year we were fortunate enough to win Gold for the Best Roofing Company in Best of the 603 Magazine. We couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming support of our satisfied customers, our incredible internal team, and our dedicated roofing crew. We truly believe in our movement of being an honest roofing company, that’s why people recommend and choose us time and time again.

    Additionally, we won Bronze for Overall Best Company to Work for in NH, not just roofing companies. With the support of my lovely wife Natalie, Stephen (Office Manager), Adam (Senior Project Manager), and Kailey (Marketing Manager) – I’m confident our growth will continue to be a great success! Thank you for all that you do, we’ve done in 2 years what takes most people 10 years!