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My roof is leaking, do I need to replace it or can it be repaired?

This is a question to be answered best by an inspection. Our roofing experts are well versed in evaluating roofs and how long they have left in their lifecycle. We give an honest opinion on these things, so if you can get away with a repair to buy yourself a couple more years, that’s what you’ll be told. We are not about pushy salesman, fear tactics, or bending the truth to convince you to buy something. We believe in the relationship between our company and the community we serve and know that your ability to trust us to be honest and fair is paramount to our long-term success, as both a company and as human beings, and when it is time for you to need roofing services we want to be the ones you remember and trust to serve you, your family, and everyone you tell about us. Our company is like the roofs we install; built to protect and last.

We get a lot of ice dams in the winter, what can we do about that?

Ice dams can be caused by a number of things. Most often we have seen them happen because of a lack of proper insulation or ventilation in the roofing area. Sometimes they can be caused by poor quality or missing materials on the roof (such as Ice and Water). Other times still Ice Dams are caused by the weather and there is no fault with the roof at all. To determine this, we recommend having a roofing expert come do an inspection to see what your cause of ice dams is, and what can be done to prevent them in the future.

I have a stain on my ceiling, but I’m not sure how long it’s been there. How can I tell?

This is a common issue, especially when in a room or closet that you don’t go into much, or when first getting a home. One way would be to take a pencil, and draw a circle around the stain. Check in on the stain, especially after a rain or snow storm, and see if it has grown outside the confines of the pencil mark. If it has, you have an active leak. If it has not, then it may be an old leak that has since been repaired, and can now be safely painted over. Remember: by the time you see the signs of a leak, there is often damage being done where you can’t see too. The BEST option would be to schedule an appointment with an expert to inspect the roof and see if there are any obvious signs of leaks or opportunities for water penetration.

Do you offer financing?

We do offer a variety of financing options including regular installment loans, deferred payments, and more!

How much does a new roof cost?

This might be the most Frequently Asked Question of all, and it’s not one that can be answered in this FAQ post, over the phone, or through email. This is where our ability to serve you properly becomes so important, because there are many of things to consider when it comes to quoting a roof. What materials will be used, does the flashing around a chimney, wall, or skylight need to be repaired or replaced? Is there unseen damage? How is the ventilation of the roof itself? These are just a few of the questions that our experts know how to find the answers to when they are inspecting your roof to make sure that you’re getting an accurate quote. We recommend you reach out to us today to get an official inspection and quote from Conde Roofing. The process is easy, fast, and our main goal is in educating you on your roof in an honest and responsible way.

Should I be calling my insurance provider about my roof?

This depends on a lot of variables, including what your specific insurance provider covers, what the issues are with your roof, and many more criteria. Our roofing experts are well versed in working with insurance companies to serve you, and have a lot of experience and success in doing just that!

Do you work in my area?

Our service area is currently in southern NH and Northern MA, but it continues to grow as the company does. Check out our LOCATIONS page for more information on our service area.

Where are you located?

Our home office is in Merrimack, NH and we have a satellite office in Milford, NH

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