Spring is returning! While the weather may boost your mood, it’s also important to remember a few crucial chores, such as roof care. Read on and learn four tips for spring roof cleaning and maintenance.

Check for Damage

The first thing to do when you get up to roof level is to look around for any damage that may have occurred during the winter. Keep an eye out for things like missing shingles, cracks, or even signs of general wear and tear. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, call your local roofing professionals, and have them fix things up.

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters are a path to water damage, and no one wants that. After a long winter, clear out your gutters (especially before the spring rains hit). While you clear away leaves and twigs, give your gutters a once-over to check for leaks. If you’d rather have an easier time in future seasons, you may want to consider gutter guards moving forward.

Trim Overhanging Branches

While overhanging branches may not seem like a big deal, they offer rodents and other critters a pathway to your home. It won’t take long to have your branches trimmed back, and it’s much easier than dealing with furry fellows nesting in your house!

Schedule an Inspection

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your roof is to have a professional look at it. Roofing contractors will be able to take a quick look at your roof and let you know whether any problems are present that need addressing. With any luck, they’ll tell you that the roof is in great condition! However, you don’t want to skip this step because they may find something wrong. It’s better to catch a problem early and fix it so that the issues don’t spiral out of control.

Now that you know these four tips for spring roof cleaning and maintenance, you can set yourself up for a great season by taking care of these concerns early. With your roofing chores out of the way, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather!